⚠️Funding Your Crypto Wallet

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The final step before you can truly get started would be to fund your wallet. Since you will need Matic (Polygon) to use the Polygon Matic, this is the token you will need to buy.

There are multiple methods of funding your wallet, such as transferring the funds from a Centralised Exchange, however Botmoney have incorporated a direct contribution system from fiat currencies working in conjunction with Coinbase, a UK FCA authorised crypto asset firm, which can be accessed here.

Option 1: Using Coinbase on Botmoney

The Botmoney direct contribution is simple and quick, and can provide instant access to the crypto (depending on the payment method selected).

Visit Botmoney Buy with Fiat section.

Enter the amount you wish to buy.

Enter your Email and proceed through the verification steps with them.

Enter your Wallet Address, you can find this in metamask. Click the account to copy it to your clipboard and paste it into the address field.

Pay, and you'll receieve your crypto in minutes.

Option 2: Binance

Binance has an easy to use guide on how to Buy BNB through them on their website. Once you've bought the BNB, you'll have to withdraw it to your wallet.

You can find your wallet address if you open metamask in your browser, it starts with 0x. Click the account to copy the address into your clipboard.

Paste the address starting with 0x into the Binance Withdraw section once you've purchased tokens, and select the option to withdraw the tokens on the "Binance Smart Chain BSC BEP-20"

Now you'll be able to use Botmoney and trade your new BNB for other digital assets!

Final Notes

Note that whichever blockchain network you use, you will be required to keep the main currency of that blockchain on your wallet to cover transaction fees, which are always payable in the native network token.

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